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Manju Kuriakose

“ The  joy of dressing is an art” and this is what  Manju Kuriakose has set out to achieve.

A  designer by passion, a stylist at heart, and a philanthropist by nature.

Manju Kuriakose’s career profile spans more than a decade of dedicated work in the field of Fashion. This was attained by exploring, experimenting, and innovating from the things that she saw around her.

In this short span of time, Manju has catered to designing costumes and styling many well-known celebrities, showcased her unique collections in fashion shows, and has a huge clientele around the globe.

A graduate in  BSc. Home Science from Assumption College, Kerala, with Textile & Clothing as a major subject, Manju has climbed up the ladder of the Fashion World.

In 2011, she launched her Design Studio “Tharang” with a deep desire to make an impression and mark her place in the Fashion Industry. Her passion towards the latest fashion enabled her to upgrade her skills in various sectors of fashion designing and styling from INIFD, LST, and JD institutes of fashion.

Manju’s expertise lies exclusively in designing Couture, Occasion Wears, and Pret-lines.

The year 2019 became a milestone for Tharang. It was a turning point for Manju Kuriakose’s career when her collections were presented at a Fashion Show in Bangalore. The success of the show hit top News Channels and Social Media.  The theme – “Reduce Textile Scraps & Upcycle”, was the message she successfully conveyed to the fashion world. 

Her next mission is to inspire people  “ To Clean Up Fashion’s  Act “ and revolutionize fashion by recycling textile materials to consumable products and help the needy as well as save the environment. Her ability to keep abreast with the latest fashion, catering to the needs of her clientele and protecting the environment by reducing textile pollution, makes Manju Kuriakose a force to reckon with.