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Hari Anand

Time blows with the wind 

And I was gradually losing my mind 

It was a kind of disturbing to me 

All I could hold was some

Empty space ..

Silence is my new luxury...

The new beginning

Evolution never reaches cul de sac... neither does fashion. Hari Anand design philosophy is very simple. The creative process is not focused on the silhouette, but adds to the personality on which we see the objects sensitivity in the perception of its designs. He is always looking for a singularity in his minimalistic approach. His silence in the line is subject to sensitivities to minimalism. Label Hari Anand transports your emotions to a very modern and contemporary destination to bridal couture. Detailing is always central to Hari Anand. Drawing parallels from the mystique attributes of evolution and infusing them into the boutique elements of cognizance, Hari Anand snatches you away to another world, to the next tier of evolution, a dimension of supernaturalism. A world of subtle divinity seamlessly blending with blissful insanity. From the fringes of illusion begin insanity. Insanity begets oblivion. Oblivion begets freedom. Welcome to the world of Hari Anand, where subtlety plays pokers with complexity, Wisdom with simplicity.