Council For Fashion Design Fraternity is a Not-for-Profit organisation that works for the interests of the Fashion Community of Kerala. We represent Fashion Designers, Fashion Brands and Fashion Retailers of Kerala.  

In the testing times of COVID 19 pandemic, a need was felt for an umbrella organisation to provide comfort and succour in the hour of need, as well as to benefit the fashion industry of Kerala. Six leading industry experts generously came together bringing in their varied strengths and experiences to establish and nurture the Council.

The Council aims to strengthen the growth of local fashion designers and retailers and advocate the importance of raising the visibility of home grown brands both locally and all around the globe.

Our Mission
  • To embrace a vast group of members of the Kerala’s Fashion Industry.
  • To provide Legal and Statutory awareness and aid.
  • To mobilise resources through Government Schemes.
  • To help members in sourcing textiles, raw materials, machinery.
  • To study the distribution /reseller network and get insights to consumer trends.
  • To strive for labour welfare.
  • To promote Emerging Designers.
  • To conduct Fashion Shows, Exhibitions & Sales, Charity works, Awareness classes, Award ceremonies & Annual meetings.
Let us do some soul-searching and rethink what our legacy should be .......
“Inspire Ourselves To Use Less Resources, To Recycle , And To Be More Sustainable “ !


Anil Muhammed
Managing Partner Paris De Boutique
Manju Kuriakose
Fashion Designer Tharang
Antony George
Fashion Designer Filanto Designer Boutique
Hari Anand
Fashion Designer Hari Anand Private
Bindu Suresh
Fashion Designer Pattern Dress World
Jamal Muhammed
Managing Partner A&J Couture


Anil Muhammed
President Paris De Boutique
Jamal Muhammed
Vice President A&j Couture
Manju Kuriakose
Secretary Tharang
Bindu Suresh
Treasurer Pattern Dress Word
Antony George
Chief Coordinator Filanto Designer Boutique
Hari Anand
Program Coordinator Hari Anand Private
Treesa Jacob
Program Coordinator T.J Designers
Aanu Nobby
Program Coordinator Aande